Paid Survey Sites and Free Survey Sites: What’s the Difference?

Survey websites appear in many forms and incarnations, but you can be assured that you will be paid just by answering these surveys, provided that the company is trustworthy enough. Some survey websites asks you to sign up with them for free, and immediately after that, you can start answering the surveys and get paid in just a few minutes after signing up. Others aim for a more long-term approach, promising registrants that they will be paid a larger amount if they agree to work for a longer period of time.

Because it is a relatively new business, there is still a tremendous amount of research to be done on how sustainable get-paid surveys can be for individuals. However, if you are already cash-strapped and would like to have some experience in surveys, these get-paid survey websites are yours for the taking. But keep in mind that paid survey membership websites can actually be more lucrative because they ask you to answer more surveys than their free survey site counterparts.

The internet is a veritable mine of free get-paid websites. You can look almost everywhere and you will see, advertised on various websites, the services of these surveys. Because of this, many people have earned quite a considerable amount through taking surveys. In free membership get-paid websites, there might not be much to do because there are relatively fewer surveys to take, but at least you don’t have to pay for your membership. Other websites would ask you to pay for a certain fee as membership, but there might not be steady survey traffic. Thus, what you paid for will be lost, with no chance of getting it back. There are quite a number of people who have had this experience.

It is better to register in a free get-paid survey website because you can keep your money and earn more through answering the surveys that large companies put up over the internet. One downside to these websites is that they do offer a smaller amount in remuneration as compared to paid membership websites, which advertise that they can offer you as much as $100 per survey answered.

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