Determining the Legitimacy of an Online Survey

You might be intrigued by online surveys. Yes, they can give you a steady source of additional income. Many companies are offering payments to people who respond to their surveys, whether they are feedbacks or complaints on the products and services they offer. But, while online surveys may provide an additional source of income, it will not give you cash payments if you hook up with a bogus online survey company. So you have to sign up with a legitimate online survey firm in order to cash in on this growing trend.

How do you find a legitimate online survey company? One is to check first if a company that offers surveys does exist. There are many online survey firms claiming that they do surveys for this company, which, in reality, does not exist.

One trick to find out if a company is legit is to create an email account that is specifically intended to determine the legitimacy of an online survey company. If you get spam mails from the online survey firm you signed up with, then forget about it. The online survey firm you signed up with is definitely bogus.

Take time to read the terms and conditions provided by the online survey firm. There should be no clause indicating that your email and other personal details will be sold to another marketing company. If such clause exists, then the company you are dealing with cannot be trusted.

You can also tell if a company is legit by checking on their payment methods. Good, efficient, and fast payment methods include Pay Pal as well as direct banking. If the company uses other methods that take an eternity for the money to be transferred, then the company is a hoax.

Lastly, understand the terms and conditions before signing up

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