The Basics of Product Testing and Surveys

Having to test a product and then get paid for it is something that is too good to be true. But these days, it is actually happening.

More and more companies are commissioning regular people to try the various products they have. They then give out freebies to people who share their insights on these products. While doing product testing may not be the most perfect method of market research especially to respondents, it can be a very lucrative activity while adding up to a person’s paid survey portfolio.

What we often overlook is the fact that the companies that provide product testing are the same companies that usually do paid surveys. They will tap their databases and use these surveys in order to match clients who are interested in testing a product. The matching is usually done through a lottery type of selection.

For the most part, the process is a very simple one. In case the person is asked to test a particular Axe body spray, the person will receive a sample pack which can be used for a week. The person will then get a survey to determine how much he or she liked it. The same way goes for a snack food, although the questions of course are different. Products such as electronic items may also have another set of questions, such as the reason why the person purchased it.

The questions are however similar to paid surveys. Those who have a lot of things to share about the products they were given will gain a lot from these product testing. However, anyone interested in trying this promotional strategy should remember to follow instructions specified by the company.

Indeed, having to test a product or service is a great way to earn extra cash or freebies.

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