To the Professional Online Survey Respondent: How to Maximize Your Earnings

Online survey respondents are making more money nowadays because of the internet boom that has translated traditional survey methods into a more convenient and faster method. This in turn means more money for those who are engaged in answering surveys for profit. There are numerous resources where you can find the basic know-how in answering online surveys. This article is for seasoned survey-takers who are looking to increase the money they’re getting.

Many websites usually have a referral program wherein you can earn money just by referring people to sign up to their website. In other words, you can earn more in addition to what you already have through answering the questionnaires. Different referral programs suit different websites. Some offer to pay you $1 for every referral you make, while others pay you a set amount for every survey your referral answers. In the latter program, the earnings you get will add up pretty quickly.

In order to take advantage of this, see first if your survey company has a referral problem. If it has, check to see what referral options they offer. Some companies merely ask for an e-mail address and they will send a message to your referral asking him or her to sign up. Others provide a unique URL link that your referral can click on, and his or her joining will automatically be credited to you.

It is better to go with the latter choice because you can use this in many different ways. For example, you can post that URL in your website for others to see and click on. Or, you can write a short article about surveys, then provide backlinks that will direct it to your URL. Finally, you can use the URL as your signature when posting in online forums. Be careful about this last option, though. Some forums do not allow direct marketing of websites on their boards.

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