The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Surveys

There’s an easy way for you to earn cash. Do online paid surveys. This may be quite difficult to comprehend at first, but it can be a very convenient and quick way to earn a couple of bucks. This is especially recommended to individuals who have the spare time to do extra work.

There are many advantages of doing online paid surveys. First and the most obvious advantage is that it allows people who have spare time to make extra money. A simple survey can fetch anywhere from $5 to as much as $70, and it can be finished in half an hour. So imagine how much money a person can make after allotting, say, 3 hours per day on online paid surveys?

What’s more, those who engage in this particular work do not have any contractual obligation with an employer. They do not have to work in an office set up. The flexibility in schedule allows other persons to attend to other tasks, such as a regular day job or household chores. Those who do these surveys basically do not have any boss but themselves.

However, there are also some disadvantages of doing online paid surveys. First, there are a lot of scam market research websites in the Internet that ask for certain membership fees. These websites may not be legit since they should have been paid by client or product companies, thus there is no need to ask for fees from those signing up for online paid surveys.

Another indication that a market research website is not legit is if provides gifts instead of cash payments. Of course, those who signed up for online paid surveys need cash more than gifts, so this is an indication that the online paid survey website may not be legit at all.

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